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How does your API work?
We have a pretty simple REST API;  you send us queries via HTTP or HTTPS with the parameters as GET data, and we send back an XML document containin
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Does your API support CURL?
Our API does support CURL. An example CURL call from a linux command line would look like this: curl
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Where can I find documentation for the API?
Click here to view the API documentation
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What is the usual turnaround time in getting a response after posting a query?
Part of the turnaround time is the travel time over the network, which
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Can you query multiple phone numbers in a single API call?
No. Our API queries only one phone number per API call.
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Why am I getting the error 'Invalid IP' when using your API?
This error usually occurs because your account has IP authentication turned on. This means that the API will only accept requests from the IP addresses you have listed -  requests from any other addre...
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